18 thoughts on “VIDEOS…

  1. Heya Brandy!!! I love your video! Great Job! I like how you talk and discuss in depth each tool and app used and I love that you included arrows and text 🙂 YOU GOT IT DONE 🙂

  2. I love that you use arrows and explain in depth on how to use the tools. Also including that they are all free is very nice too! Defiantly going to be trying some of these out if they are available on ipad. Good job Brandy!!!

  3. I like how you told us all the apps we were going to be using as well as showed us the image we were trying to make in the beginning! The video was a little short so you could’ve added a little bit more about what each app does. Your voice narration and circles and arrows were very helpful! Good job 🙂

  4. Your screen was very nicely displayed and you could really see everything you were going. The pace of the video was good. The steps were nice and clear and easy to follow.

  5. I thought your replication was very cool! Your explanation and process were clear and easy to understand, great job!

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